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      遴選最具前沿的熱點文獻      管理最有價值的知識研究     辨別研究成果的發展趨勢
      分析機構個人的學術產出      提供全時泛在的知識服務      整合機構個性化需求資源



      Beijing Increscence Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “BIT Co., Ltd.”), a comprehensive information service supplier, is specialized to provide state-of-the-art information resources products, information value-added services and information processing solutions. With more than ten years of experience on information integration and knowledge dissemination, BIT Co., Ltd. has established a rational echelon of talent with powerful disciplinary knowledge repositories as well as expert repositories. Moreover, BIT Co., Ltd. has built up a personalized service system of knowledge integration for in-depth mass data mining, system integration and reconstruction by virtue of many years authority and expertise experience, high quality professional service team and advanced data analysis and information processing technologies.

     BIT Co., Ltd. is committed to provide personalized knowledge resource customization and professional information consultancy services for government, research institutes, hospitals, enterprises and other institutions. Thanks to top-class science and technology contents, exclusive personalized configuration, superior system design and information processing solutions, we strive to provide strong support for knowledge planning, knowledge management and value-added utilization. Company's “New Academic” serial products open a new microcosmic information window for customers in the era of mass data.

     Our success is driven by our people’s commitment and perseverance executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

corporate vision 

   Strive for perfection with simplicity in information service